How we do it
eeaa design holds over 12 years of professional experience in Design, Making and Educating.
We create concepts, design and develop products, furniture, art and interior. And have a deep knowledge of how to make things as one off's or for mass production. Our aim is to render the Everyday in a poetic way!

Frankenberg meets London meets Toronto
Angelika has lived and worked in Germany, England and Canada. Eeaa design she aims to bring the best of these worlds together.
London inspired with its cultural diversity, exhibitions and events, fun people, cups of tea and it’s British traditions. It has a fast paste of trends and fashion that inspire and give creative input.
Germany is the hub of functionality, minimalism, centre of industrial production deep rooted traditions of craft and strong ecological awareness.
And Toronto turns out to be in intercultural hub with loads of sunshine and interesting paths to explore.

Life is a stage
Our designs inhabit space discretely and leave the main focus to the life and work that happens within or around it. Our products create a backdrop to stage the events and set the scene of the everyday life but also tell a story…when you listen closely.
They are functional yet poetic and are there for you to enjoy, to use, to support and to comfort your body and mind.
Hands on
We create our design with the help of our hands.
Our objects get their sculptural and ergonomic beauty by working on physical models, often times at the real scale, to ensure that they cater for the human body and soul. We aim for continuity on every level, from what the eye sees, to what the fingers touch, how it is commmunicated and how efficiently and ecologically friendly it is produced.

No paper warriors
Good communication is part of the design process. By developing physical models in conjunction with other forms of 3d visualisation from the very beginning, eeaa ensures a direct communication of the design process with the client and marketing teams, leaving no doubt about the product in a wordy undefined space. The results can be seen and tested immediately in detail and at 1 to 1 scale - on the spot and not just on glossy paper.

Holistic approach
The eeaa design process takes a holistic approach to design using sketches, concept models, 3D scanning techniques, CAD, teamwork with engineers and rapid prototyping and final models. These processes go hand in hand and inform one another from concept stage to the final object.