Street Furniture for London
Conceptual designs for a range of street furniture
that references the language of the London street scape.
Design Products Department, Royal College of Art
London, UK 2004
In this project the cracks in the street were explored functionally, spacially and architecturally. It is also an exploration of the city space by trying to balance out the highly efficient street planning with a poetic layer.

flower-cemetary-2s.jpg flowers-after-markets.jpg
Cemetary For Dead Flowers in Columbia Road
This street furniture wants to break up and disrupt the monotony of street planning and redefine the street both in a functional and a poetic way.
The 'Flower Cemetary' at the Columbia Road Flower Market, is for discarded flowers, which are brushed into this street furniture piece, breathing colour back into the street after the flower market has disappeard on Sundays.

Seating Element For Random Growth
This seat creates a streched landscape inside the city, providing inhabitable spaces for pedestrians as well as for invasive plants. It plays on the tension between concrete and the green. Like weeds, this seating and protection element, grows out of the continuous robbon of the kerbstones running throughout the city of London.
Gap Kerb
A bridge shaped element that serves as a barrier to protect pedestrians from the traffic as well as hosting practical funtions such as street lights, itter binds etc.
This piece of street furniture addresses both the language of the kerb and some of its practical necessities by integrating them into a coordinated unit. The street elements such as lamp posts can directly tap into the electrical infrastructure running beneath the street level.