Bespoke eye glasses
Customizable eyeglasses in collaboration with Toronto base Guildeyewear as part of YYZ collection.
4-glasses-arm-white-bckr-levels-cut.jpg Blätter, Baum, Herbst & Wetter customizable frames for Guild eyewear Toronto. Spring/Summer 2015 
Personal inspiration for the Toronto YYZ collection

“I really enjoy living in the East end of Toronto being so close to the big openness of Lake Ontario with its ever-changing colours. Although Toronto is an international Metropolis I feel that there is a very strong connection to nature. The seasons are very pronounced here in comparison to Berlin and London where I lived previously. The incredible colours, textures and the warm light of autumn inspired my current collection for Guild. Together the names of the frames (Herbst, Wetter, Baum & Blätter) are part of a sentence; a Haiku inspired poem that describes the Toronto in German:

Im HERBST bei kaltem WETTER
fallen vom BAUM die BLÄTTER und machen
den Boden zum Farben Meer.

My hope is that through the collection of optical frames you will be able to see and appreciate these special colours and light settings!
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