Bicycle Lock
Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacture & Commerce
Winner of the RSA Student Design Award
Design against Crime, London 2000
Product is patented
This project is based on the integration of a lock into the bicycle frame. Since protecting the bike is as important as riding it the bicycle lock and frame are designed as a single unit. Thus, if the lock is broken the bike is rendered useless.

Combination between bike and urban architecture

By utilising elements of urban architecture incombination with parts of the bike, it can be safely locked and protected. The sketch shows the bike locked to a street lamp.

fahrrad-open.jpg The frame opens up to allow the bike to be locked around street furniture elements.  railseit290.jpg The bike lock is now closed around an imagenary light post or tree. 
fahrradnormal-600.jpg The bike with integrated lock in the riding position.