Childhood Porcellain Collection
Porcellain table wear inspired by the world of childrens toys
with Jaime Hayón
Boisbuchet / Limoges, France 2005
For this collection we were exploring the material world of children. Having a look at different products produced for children and dived into the universe of colours and emotionally charged shapes.

turtle.jpg 'Rubber turtle' candle holder 

Contrasting materialities:
Children's toys and Porcellain

Traditionally children's toys are made from rubber, plastic, wood, textiles avoiding breakable materials such as porcellain.
Precisely this contrast between the childrens tactile toy world transpated into porcellain table wear create an exciting tension within the these objects.

nose_vase.jpg 'Pacify me' Flower Vase  gun.jpg 'Baaang!' Food tray for nibbles and nuts. 
coathanger.jpg 'Triple colt' coat hanger