Corner Light AKA “Where did I leave my phone again?
Folded stainless steel sheet, warm white LED’s, wireless phone charger,
touch sensitive light switch. Toronto, 2014
Corners define a room’s boundaries and are often the most underutilized spaces within a home, especially within the increasingly smaller living spaces of today's cities.

Corner Light is designed to fit in the corner of a room and visually reflect the larger expansiveness of an interior like an illuminated cubist image. Corner Light provides a designated place to leave your most important everyday items as you enter or exit your home, such as phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses and love letters.

As you place your phone onto the shelf it gets wirelessly charged and is always ready to go.

corner-light-yellow-bag-closer-600.jpg By lighting up the corner walls and ceiling, a wash of light can visually extend a space without changing the physical layout of it .