Elllee Home Textiles & Acrylic Table Ware
A set of abstract table ware
and the 'keep me tidy' table cloth
for the 'Elllee' home textile collection launched at the
Home & textile fair Frankfurt, Germany 2007
eeaa designed this visual abstract yet powerful set of table ware to visually enhance the elllee collection of home textile. The 'keep me tidy' table cloth can be pulled away by the use of two decorative strings to create a 'splash free' eating island on the dining table.

The layers of acrylic create a visually interesting piece from different perspectives, creating the idea of a glass rather than a glass itself. It was important that the display table ware creates the context of the elllee home textiles while emphasising the power of the colours and fabrics.
elllee-table-ware-1.jpg Playfully referencing the shape of the elllee place mats, the virtuously layered black acrylic form a flower vase. Thus giving the place mats a third dimension.