Herman Miller
UK National Design Center
Design of interior, displays, shop window installation and visual communication for the Herman Miller showroom.
A collaboration with Ulla Winkler 'Actiontimevision' and Gero Grundmann 'Studiobec'
London, UK 2008
herman_house-front.jpg Newly designed Herman Miller Window Displays, Kingsway, Aldwych London 
herman_window-3.jpg The first Herman Miller window display uses references Pop Art elements because Herman Miller started in that time the 60's to develop their internationally renowned office furniture. 
herman_window-1o290.jpg Window display with lounge area of the showroom.  herman_case-study-wind-3-29.jpg Window display elements and view through one of the shop windows. 
hm-cmf-wall-wide.jpg Herman Miller Colour Material & Fabric (CMF) wall display. An inspirational tool to display colour, materials and fabrics of the Herman Miller Product range. 
cmf-close-ups.jpg Different coloured labels and Icons illustrate the price range and the use of the material displayed on one square. 
hm-sense-tool-shed.jpg Herman Miller Sense tool shop display used to show the assembling of the product 
hm-toolshed-close-up-290.jpg Close up of Sense tool shed 
hm-case-study-table.jpg At the back wall of the store square black and white images showcase the use of Herman Miller furniture in different offices throughout the UK.  
hm-props-windmill-table.jpg The 2-dimensional props create a strong tension with the 3-dimensional Herman Miller Furniture and where specially designed for the first Herman Miller installation cycle.
hm-mind-space-290.jpg Mind Space display as backdrop for the sales department with quotations from the designers Eames, Stumpf and Nelson.  hm-mirra-screen_me-290.jpg Mirra display at the entrance area.