Idee. Kadewe Berlin
Arts, Crafts & Fabric store
Interior & Furniture Design.
Store Size: 1600 qm
Client: Idee GmbH & Co. KG
Berlin, Germany 2006
fassade-close-up-1.jpg Close up of the Idee. Kadewe store fassade at night.
kadewe-gang-1.jpg Idee Kadewe is a shop in the renowned Kadewe in Berlin. It features a unique and inspiring mix between arts and crafts materials and fabrics.
trend-areas.jpg The trend area shows a mix of the materials diplayed in the store. 
publications.jpg Reading area with fashion and crafts publication. A cloud of sparkling, acrylic diamonts is suspended from the ceiling. 
fabric-mannequins.jpg Fabrics shown on Mannequins  kadewe-gang-2.jpg
fassade-2.jpg Idee facade lit up at night.