Rico Gallery
Rico GmbH & Co. KG
Trend showroom for a textile and crafts company
Interior & Furniture Design
Brakel, Germany 2007
rico-gallery-lit-table.jpg Rico Gallery is a showroom for a crafts and home textile company that showcases their five different product ranges in one space. The product ranges are: wool, arts & crafts, publications, new crafts, modern and traditional home textiles. 
rico-space-table.jpg The concept of the showroom is to abstract the companies logo into spacial ribbons that create open, individual yet refined exhibition spaces for each product range. The picture below shows the lit up bar. 
Within each of the ribbons one product range such as cushions is featured within the space to showcase selected items.
rico-gallery-top-decorated.jpg The showroom in use. Overall view on mannequins sowcasing wool product and arts and crafts tables, where visitors get introduced to new crafts methods.