Temporary Exhibition Hall
Folding construction
Architecture project related to the the Dokumenta X
supported by the Institute of Material Techniques and Sciences, University Gesamthochschule Kassel
sponsored by friedola, TECH Holzapfel GmbH
Kassel, Germany 1997
The hall is constructed from one sheet of translucent polypropylene, its volume and depth is created through the folds. Through folding the temporary building it can be enlarged to a 3 meter long exhibition hall and reduced to 40 cm thickness for its easy transport ( as shown below). Single parts of the structure can be connected through the folds to increase the space. One unit fits into the ceases of another.

The translucent material allows for the light to be diffused, as is needed for exhibitions.
Through the compressibility of the hall and its light weight polypropylene material the temporary building is easy to transport.


The technical realisation of the temporary exhibition hall was tutored by the Insitute of Material Techniques and Sciences of the University Gesamthochschule Kassel.
The static structure was calculated by Laatsch & Wünsche, both students of the department of Constructional Engineering, University Gesamthochschule Kassel.

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allegeben.jpg The making of the folds.  gruppens.jpg Thanks to my family and friends that helped me to bulid, set up and realise this project.