Concrete Seats
Workshop to design and manufacture concrete seats for a public place
in collaboration with Landscape Designer Christopher Veres
in co-operation with the Gartenbau- and Stadplanungsamt Bremerhaven
funded by the European Social Fond (ESF)
Two week workshop, VHS Sommerakademie Bremerhaven
Bremerhaven, Germany 2007
Products meet Park in Bremerhaven Lehe

In this workshop, the participants designed and built products for a new park in Bremerhaven. The park is a new development for the Stadtteil Lehe. It includes a water feature, a labyrinth, a childrens playground, planting, different areas for play and relaxation.
This workshop aims at providing and enhancing a sense of place through product design. Participants worked closely with the designers to explore a variety of creative processes and materials including: sculptural, handcraft, production, fabrication and work both individually and collectively to create seating features and products for the park.
workshop-groups.jpg 9 days + 10 workshop participants = 9 concrete seats  marietta-concrete-structure.jpg Detail of concrete poured into a textile bag 
bianca-puts-leaves-in-mould.jpg Bianca prepares 'Leaf seat'mould  chris-on-leaf-seat.jpg 'Leaf seat' finished 
sitzsack-merietta.jpg The making of Marietas 'Seat bag'  sitzsack-marietta.jpg 'Seat bag' finished 
glasses-seat.jpg Sara's 'Glasses seat'  seat-inge.jpg Inge's 'Curvy seat' 
platz-martina-090.jpg Final presentation of the newly designed and built seats that became a permanentl feature of the 'Stadtteilplatz' Lehe in Bremerhaven.