Hoefer Waren 07
Lights made from preserving jars with a sandblasted doily pattern
in collaboration with artist Kathrin Böhm and the Höfer Woman
Höfen, Germany 2007
products-top-1.jpg Collection of Höfer goods on display 
Please watch Höfer Goods movie 'Jarlamp' on Agrifashionista TV.

hoefer-taschen-stoff-papi.jpg Prototyping of Höfer bags  production-2s.jpg Production of Preservative jar lights in Höfen

hoefen-stand.jpg The Höfer goods stand in the city hall in Höfen
hoefer-spruchbeutel.jpg Höfer 'Spruchbeutel' speech bag
light1_on.jpg Höfer doily glas jar light 2007