More Light More Power
Interdisciplinary three day workshop
Karlsruhe University of Arts & Design, Graphic design department.
With graphic designer Ellen Jacoby and interaction designer Ulla Winkler.
Karlsruhe, Germany 2008
This three day workshop with 20 graphic design students of the Karlsruhe University of Arts & Design, was about making three 3-dimensionally designed lights that are interactive and incorporate text and typography to emphasise the concept.

The challenge was to make the graphic design students to cross boundaries and try out different design disciplines. They also learned about how they can apply their knowledge about composition and layout in a 3-dimenional way.

tag-ist-nacht-verliebt.jpg 'Der Tag ist in die Nacht verliebt' / 'The day has fallen in love with the night' Poem by Heinrich Heine
Light made from different layers of folded DinA3 paper, text is pinched into the paper with a needle the transition of light is creating by using a UV light in the bottom of the light and a low energy light bulb at the top. 
more-light-type.jpg 'More light more Power' setting up of the final exhibition. 
table-round.jpg girls-glueing.jpg
diamont-inside.jpg 'Shine On, You Crazy Diamond' lyrics by Pink Floyd 
group-work-1.jpg crafts-stuff.jpg
group-work-2.jpg The making of the diamond light.  set-up-diamont.jpg Setting up of the diamond light that is turning around the head of the viewer. 
set-up-2.jpg 'More Light More Power' exhibition in the day light.